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Kendo-Kyoju Yushinkan 剣道教授 宥辰館

Dojo Name: Kendo-Kyoju Yushinkan 剣道教授 宥辰館 Arts Practiced: Kendo Location: Kami-Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan Dojo Leader: Takahashi Yoko 高橋 洋子 Architect/Builder: Koyama 小山一級建築士事務所/株式会社小山エ務所 Summary: A family run dojo with a traditional interior including a traditionally constructed sprung floor.

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Sakura City 桜の町

Last month sakurano-hanami (桜の花見) or cherry blossom viewing season, swept Japan. This time of the year is a must see for anyone interested in visiting Japan and was the first time I got to experience this event. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Hajimemashite 初めまして

Welcome to the inaugural post of I was a designer and architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in London for more than ten years prior to moving to Tokyo with my wife. I also started practicing kendo and iaido in … Continue reading

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