24th Tōkyō Prefectural Jōdō Taikai 第24回東京都杖道大会

24th Tōkyō Jōdō Taikai 第24回東京都杖道大会

Yesterday, Sunday 8 July 2012, saw the 24th Tōkyō Prefectural Jōdō Taikai held at Sugamo High School. A jōdō ikkyū shinsa (grading) was also held. I am happy to report that not only do I now hold the ikkyū rank in jōdō, my taikai partner and I won first place in the ikkyū division of the tournament. In addition to the taikai and shinsa, this event also saw the 13th Tōkyō Jōdō Festival (第13回東京杖道祭) with demonstrations of not only seitei jōdō but also kenjutsu, tanjōjutsu, juttejutsu, kusarigamajutsu and (of course) jōjutsu from Shindō Musō-ryū (神道夢想流). Thanks to all the sensei and members at Totsuka Jōdō Club.

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