Muku Flooring 無垢フローリング

Muku Flooring Project 無垢フローリングプロジエクト

After seeing the post on Yushinkan, George McCall of sent me a link to Muku Flooring’s blog. The blog features several dojo flooring projects and is full of mouth watering photos. There is also some technical explanations about wood floor construction, such as types of wood and joints. Unfortunately, the site is only in Japanese. But it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Muku Flooring consults on, supplies and installs solid wood flooring both for general applications as well as for dojo flooring. As such, the blog features several projects Muku Flooring has undertaken for both new and refurbished dojo floors. A number of works are outside Japan such as in France and Taiwan. The level of service from consultation, to supply, to installation, depends on what is agreed with the project’s client. The head of Muku Flooring, Maeda Hideki, is a kendo practitioner. A web front end site specifically for kendojo work can be found at An English language front end for a more general application of their products can be found at

The blog can also be set to show all of their projects, including general applications with this link:

Thanks goes to George McCall and Maeda Hideki.

NB: if one is to transliterate the yomigana/reading of kendojo/剣道場, it would in fact be kendoujou/けんどうじょう.

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