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Kyōto Butokuden 京都武徳殿

Dōjō Name: Kyōto Butokuden (京都武徳殿); now officially Kyōto City Budō Center (京都市武道センター) Arts Practiced: various Location: adjacent to Heian-Jingū, Sakyō-ku, Kyōto City, Kyōto Prefecture Construction Type: large scale timber frame Completion Date: Meiji/明治 32 (1899) Summary: A large scale dōjō … Continue reading

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Mito Tōbukan 水戸東武館

Dojo Name: Mito Tōbukan 水戸東武館 Arts Practiced: Kendō, Iaidō, Naginata, Hokushin Ittō-ryū kenjutsu (北辰一刀流) Location: Mito, Ibaraki-ken, Japan Completion Date: 1 January Meiji 7 (1874) Summary: A dōjō of original period construction completed at the same time Japan transitioned from … Continue reading

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Yamaoka Tesshū & Cherry Blossoms 山岡鉄舟と桜

Once again it is hanami (花見/cherry blossom viewing) season in Tokyo. On the way to the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, a stopover was made to the grave of Yamaoka Tesshū (山岡 鉄舟) near Nippori station (JR Yamanote line). There … Continue reading

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Kaohsiung Butokuden 高雄武徳殿

Dojo Name: Kaohsiung Butokuden 高雄武徳殿 Arts Practiced: Kendo, Iaido, Hyoho Niten-Ichi-ryu, Aikido, Brazilian Jujutsu, Taiko Drumming Dojo Leader: Chen Xin-Huan 陳 信寰, kyoshi 7-dan kendo, 11th generation soke Hyoho Niten-Ichi-ryu Location: Kaohsiung Taiwan 高雄市台湾 Construction Type: brick, steel roof Summary: … Continue reading

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Takeo Yabusame 武雄流鏑馬

Although samurai are now closely associated with swords and swordsmanship, as a distinct class the bushi (武士) were originally defined by their equestrian and archery skills. This origin leaves its legacy today in the arts of kyudo (弓道) and yabusame … Continue reading

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Jigen-ryu Hyoho 示現流兵法

Dojo Name: Jigen-ryu Center for Swordsmanship Arts Practiced: Jigen-ryu Hyōhō 示現流兵法 (koryu kenjutsu 古流剣術) Location: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima-ken, Japan Current Headmaster: Togo Shigenori 東郷 重徳 Summary: A famous four centuries old swordsmanship school with an earthen floor dojo and striking … Continue reading

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